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November 26, 2021
Arduino Based Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit
Elecrow Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit can water 4 pots of plants at once by detecting the soil moisture value, helping you become a…
October 26, 2021
Halloween 2021 Electronic Projects Sharing #Elecrow Halloween
Halloween in 2021 is a good day for creators to show their skills. Here we’ll bring some electronic ideas and projects for Halloween 2021!
October 21, 2021
Best Buying Guide & Reviews for Displays Paired with Raspberry Pi
Here are some important guides and views for choosing a Raspberry Pi display screen. And We provide many types of Raspberry Pi screens at very low…
October 13, 2021
Popular Raspberry Pi 7 Touchscreen in 2021
The Raspberry Pi screen refers to the display or touch screen added to the Raspberry Pi. There are many types of Raspberry Pi screens, with different…
August 23, 2021
ESP32-WROOM-32D|WiFi & Bluetooth Module-Update Introduction
            ESP32-WROOM-32D is a popular WiFi Bluetooth module nowadays. Compared with ESP32-WROOM-32, it has been…
August 21, 2021
WiFi module-The Difference Between ESP-12E and ESP-12F
            ESP8266 is a low-cost and high-performance wireless SOC, which provides…