Elecrow launched purple PCB fabrication  at the end of February. Several customers firstly placed purple PCB order at our site. We really appreciated the first batch customers who tried our purple PCB service and gave us useful advice.

"Elecrow now has purple PCBs" even brought a heated discussion on a forum. One customer asked "what the hell difference does the solder mask color make in price? I never got this." Purple PCB is more expensive because the purple ink is more difficult to process, so the cost would be higher.

Elecrow now has purple PCBs

Some electronic engineers have zest for purple which stands for noble and mysterious. They would like to pay extra money for this rare color borads.

But in order to make more customers experience purple color PCB, we released $5 coupon. In that way, you can buy purple PCB at the cost similar to the nomal ones.The coupon is only valid for purple PCB fabrication.

Coupon Code: MXADZ0 (Available in Arpil)