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Cases & Heat Sink

  1. $10.99
    This case is specially designed for Raspberry Pi 3B+, and it is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3/ 2 Model B
  2. $21.50
    This Arcylic case is for Raspberry Pi 3/ 2 module B, which with black and red transparent Acrylic layers to protect your Raspberry Pi. In addition, this case provides a simple driver tutorial and open source for OLED.
  3. $2.90
    A tiny and lovely clear acrylic enclosure for the newest raspberry pi zero W. It designed to be beautiful, light, and easy-assembly. Perfect for any use (but especially for those who want to carry their Pi around in their pocket!)
  4. $8.50
    Acrylic Bracket Kit for Pi Spark Supercomputer Cluster
  5. $6.90
    This is a shell with ABS material for your raspberry pi 3, the color is generally black, it has three parts, the top is the hollow cover, the middle is used to support and accommodate the raspberry pi bracket, last one is bottom with a lot of cooling holes and heating pads.