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Components & Tools

Components & Tools

In Arduino or Raspberry Pi projects, most components have high common availability such as breadboard, jumper wire, battery holder, proto board and etc.

  1. $65.00
    This is a portable LCD digital microscope, with intelligent universal support, super bright and powerful, can be adsorbed on the surface of glass / ceramics / marble / plastic board and others
  2. $89.90
    This is an updated version of our previous digital portable microscope, which comes with a adjustable metal stand durable for daily use and with simple constructions, easy to install. It features a built-in 4.3 inch LCD display, so it doesn’t required to connect the microscope to a PC.
  3. $2.80
    This is a splittable 40 pin 30mm length dual female jumper wire for 2.54mm, it is very flexible,
  4. $2.50
    This Breadboard jumper wire pack include 65pcs dual-male jumpers, including 4 different length:250mm 4pcs,200mm 4pcs,
  5. $1.60
    This wire pack includes 100pcs 150mm length dual tin wire. The inner diameter is 0.46mm and the external diameter is 1.2mm. It can using at many places, very practical and convenient.