GrowCube-Plant Watering System Garden Smart Watering System

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GrowCube is a smart plant watering system based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets. Combined with an exclusive APP, the auto watering kit aims to provide professional and simple watering methods for friends who enjoy growing plants.

Noted: Growcube does not support 5G network at present.

Due to the higher permission requirements of Google phones, we cannot guarantee that all Google phones can use the Growcube App. Please try to avoid using Google phones.


Smart Automatic Watering Machine


Feature of plant watering system

Plant Self Watering

GrowCube Obtains soil moisture data for plant growth in real-time by reliable soil moisture sensors. By performing tens of thousands of calculations on various common soil environments, the validity of the data obtained by the sensor can be guaranteed to a great extent.

plant watering system Sensor

The app designed for GrowCube can control every plant and every device, making the entire growing process easier and more fun. You can control your home garden with your mobile phone, saving time and effort.

Plant Watering system App

It supports 3600 kinds of plants, such as pepper, eggplant, apple, strawberry, pear, ornamental plants, succulents, roses, roses, and even some trees and shrubs. You can easily grow the plants you want.

It has an exclusive plant diary to record the growth process. You can deeply understand your favorite plants and express your planting fun based on the app's massive plant maintenance knowledge.

It will record every change in soil moisture data, and draw it into humidity curves according to different time dimensions, which can be backtracked at any time.

GrowCube can independently monitor the soil moisture of up to 4 pots of different plants at the same time, and control the water output of each outlet accordingly, realizing fine watering management of each pot of plants.

Plant Watering system user manual

GrowCube comes with a 1.5L water tank, you can add water by pressing the top cover. When you have a variety of plants or need to leave for a long time, through the unique external water inlet of the fuselage, GrowCube can connect to external water sources to meet larger water needs.

The nozzle is made of environmentally friendly materials to reduce environmental pollution. It can be bent into a suitable shape according to the size of the root of the plant and can achieve a fine and uniform spray effect.

plant watering system nozzle

GrowCube has built-in anomaly detection that can trigger the device's self-protection mechanism. When the condition occurs, the device will beep and some prompts will pop up in the APP. After more than 3 times, the GrowCube will automatically lock, increasing the life of the device.

There are two ways of networking when GrowCube works, GrowCube can also act as a hotspot in direct connect mode, which is able to connect your phone directly to its WiFi. In networked mode, the device and phone are connected via WiFi at home or at the office.


GrowCube provides three watering modes,  Complete the full assembly and use of GrowCube in only 1 minute. 

how plant watering system work

plant watering system watering modes

plant watering system structure

plant watering system design


  plant watering system specification



Package List

  • GrowCube x1

  • Nozzle x4

  • Bracket x12

  • Nozzle x4

  • Power Adapter x1

  • filter head x1

  • Reset needle x1

  • Y-shape water splitter x4

  • X-shape water splitter x4


Wiki & External links

Q1: What is GrowCube's WIFI password?

  A:  The password is 88888888.

Q2:Does the device fail to run in direct connection mode?

  A: In the direct connection mode, the mobile phone is connected to the WiFi sent by the device itself. If the connection fails, please re-plug and unplug the device.


Q3: Failed to establish connection between mobile phone and WiFi in network mode?

  A: Firstly, check whether the home/office WiFi is stable and whether it is a 5G network (the device does not support 5G network at present). Then check whether the input home/office WiFi and password is correct. Finally, check whether there are incorrect connections caused by multiple GrowCube devices in the same environment.


 Q4: How to download the Growcube APP?

  A: ①If you are an Android user, you can download the app on Google Play(Name GrowCube);

     ②If you are an iOS user, you can download the app via the Apple APP store(Name GrowCube)


 Q5: Why can't my Google mobile phone network be completed?

  A: Due to the privacy protection of Google mobile phones, when applying for permissions, you need to open and always allow. Due to the higher permission requirements of Google phones, we cannot guarantee that all Google phones can use the Growcube App. Please try to avoid using Google phones.


 Q6: Does the app supports Android 8 and below?

  A:  Currently Android 8 and below systems are not supported.


 Q7: Why I have connected to GrowCube's WIFI but the app prompts that GrowCube_xxxx cannot be connected?

  A: Please turn on the location permission of the app and the location of the phone, and try to connect again.


 Q8: Why is it prompted that I cannot enter the networking mode?

  A:  ①GrowCube does not support 5G Wifi, please use 2.4G Wifi.

       ②The firmware version may be inconsistent, need to upgrade the firmware.- 


 Q9: What if the device is locked?

  A:  GrowCube will be locked when the blockage occurs or the water tank is empty or the sensor is abnormal for more than 3 times.  After troubleshooting or adding water, press the unlock button (the button on the right side of the GrowCube) to resume normal operation of the device.


Q10: What is the purpose of the Micro USB port on the back of the device?

  A: The Micro USB port is used to flash the firmware before the device leaves the factory. Do not use it to power the device.


Q11: Once the power supply is plugged in, the blue and red lights of the device don’t turn on?

  A: Please check whether 12V/2A power supply is used.


Q12: The sensor value is abnormal, such as high value or no change.

  A: Check whether the insertion position of the sensor is normal (whether it is in the vicinity of the spray nozzle); Check whether there are foreign bodies such as dust or dirt in the magnetic suction interface of the sensor; Check whether the magnetic suction cable is broken or damaged; Check whether the surface of the sensor is broken or damaged; Check whether the pot is inserted wrong; Check whether the water supply from the pipe is normal or low.


Q13: Silicone nozzle does not give water?

  A: Check whether the connector is blocked; Check whether the water outlet and water pipe are blocked; Check whether the spray hole is blocked by silt.




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