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May 09, 2022
The best gift idea of 2022---GrowCube is coming
The best gift idea of 2022 - GrowCube-A smart watering kit hits on Kickstarter, if you are still looking for a special gift, it’s time to get…
April 06, 2022
GrowCube-A smart watering kit hits on KickStarter Now
GrowCube is the world's super smart automatic watering device based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets. Let's back us on…
March 22, 2022
Common PCB Assembly process defects and cause analysis
Elecrow collected several common process defects in PCBA processing to help you to avoid detours. Learn these PCBA process defects and get twice…
March 14, 2022
[IMPORTANT] Elecrow Delivery Suspending Notification
Due to the strike of Omicron COVID, Shenzhen government made a temporary lockdown policy from 14th to 20th, March to ensure the safety of citizens…
March 11, 2022
Elecrow 3D Printing - One-click order to get 10% limited discount
Elecrow 3D printing automatic quotation & order page has been officially launched, one-click order to get 10% limited discount.
February 21, 2022
GrowCube: A Revolutionary Smart Watering Product Will Be On Kickstarter
GrowCube is the world's first smart watering kit based on four independent soil moisture sensors and water outlets, combined with…