Raspberry Pi computer 4G IO Board CM4 dual network development board CM4 Gigabit Ethernet 4G Lite Module

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The CM4-4G IO Board is a multi-function expansion board based on the Raspberry Pi Computer Module 4. It features a native Gigabit Ethernet, a 10/100Mbps USB extended Ethernet, a full-size HDMI-compatible interface supporting 4K output, two USB2.0 host interfaces, a 4G network card, and other GPIO.

Power is supplied through the USB-C interface. The Gigabit + 100M + 4G network structure is suitable for applications such as soft routers and gateways; it can also be used for applications such as 4K players that support remote updates.

It supports all series of CM4 core boards, CM4 without eMMC supports booting from a TF card, and CM4 with eMMC can be programmed through a USB-C port.

Hardware Overview

  • One 1Gbps original Ethernet, with all in one RJ45,better EMC/EMl;
  • One 100Mbps Ethernet;
  • Dual USB-A ports can be connected to USB devices such as keyboard and mouse;
  • One USB(1.25mm 4pin),The 1.25T 4pin internal USB connector is mux with the USB-A port;
  • One 4G LTE Module
  • One Nano SlM Card; (be based on 4G)
  • One voice function;(be based on 4G)
  • One standard-size HDMl-compatible output, supports up to 4K video output;
  • One TF card, support booting from TF for eMMC less CM4 ;
  • One USB Type-C power (5V3A) and eMMC program;
  • One FAN power (3.3V 2.54mm 2pin) (opt) ;
  • GPIO (include UART*1,12C*1,ADC*1,SPI*1,USB OTG,CM4 Reset lO and other 16pin GPIO);
  • 4G GPIO (include Debug UART and Reset) ;
  • Size:110mm*70mm;


Note: The 1.25T 4pin internal USB connector is mux with the USB-A port, if the 1.25T 4pin is used to connect the 4G module, the USB-A can not use anymore.



  • Support all Raspberry Pi Computer Module 4
  • Onboard dual USB 2.0 with an extra 1.25MM4Pin interface for more external ports
  • Powered by USB Type-C(5V/3A), with Cat 4 free drive 4G module
  • With rich I/O peripherals, more expandable
  • Affordable Powerful Features can be used in Software Router, Network appliances, IoT applications, Smart Homes, etc.



Frequency band




Transmit power




General Characteristics


Bandwidth: 1.4/3/5/10/15/20MHZ

Supply voltage:3.3V~4.3V,typical value:3.8V

LTE Characteristics

Support NON-CA CAT4

Support 1.4~20MHZ RF bandwidth

LTE-FDD:Uplink rate 50Mbps, downlink rate 150Mbps

LTE-FDD:Uplink rate 50Mbps, downlink rate 150Mbps


Support 3GPPR8 DC-HSPA+

Support 16-QAM, 64-QAM and QPSK modulation

3GPP R6 CAT6 HSUPA: Uplink rate 5.76Mbps

3GPP R8 CAT24 DC-HSPA+: downlink rate 42Mbps

Temperature working range

Normal working temperature: -35℃~70℃

Limit working temperature: -40℃~85℃


Package List

  • 1X CM4 4G IO Board


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