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Elecrow help to bring your creative ideas to life.


Elecrow Sponsorship Project Policy

Elecrow is dedicated in open hardware industry. And we’re making our best effort to contribute to this community by providing custom PCB and thousands of electronic components.

As elecrow become stronger, we hope to devote more to gear up the improvement of the community. This is the reason why we set up the Elecrow Sponsorship Project.

1. Who will benefit from the policy?

The content creators who are good at writing original article or making youtube video.

The students who are interested or majored in electronics. Both on-line and off-line contest participators.

The organization which is working on STEM or electronics education, such as universities, hackerspaces, fablabs, makerspaces etc.

2. How to benefit from the policy?

Send organization or your personal digital document to sponsorship@elecrow.com, tell us your requirement, we will check and confirm.

3. What benefit can you get?

For the content creators, we can offer you free products for your project.

The organization or students can get at least 10% OFF to buy all items at our site.

For particular contest, we can even cover all the expense you spend at our site.

4. What do you do in return?

We may introduce you and your projects on our site. And you can recommend elecrow to your friends voluntarily.

5. How long will this project last?

We take it as our long-term strategy. And we expect this project can help young makers improve and enjoy the electronic world in an easier way.

6. What else can we do to work together?

If you have excellent idea or design, we can also provide turn-key solution to bring your idea to market. We can handle all the procedures from manufacturing, selling, to worldwide shipping.


Elecrow Sponsorship Project Under Way

$10 Coupon At Least for Special Theme PCB

Elecrow encourage you creative ideas, and help you to bring your ideas to life. We can help you fabricate 10pcs small size PCB for free if you want to design PCB related to PCB Business Card, Maker Fair Badge, Defcon Badge or other particular PCB.(shipping fee not included).  

Send your simple schematics(JPG format) to Sponsorship@elecrow.com , and introduce your project and your request briefly, how many would you like to make, we will check and confirm if your PCB meet to our Sponsorship policy. 

You may need to share elecrow service on your social media or add little caption, Fulfilled By Elecrow .

SHARE THIS PAGElet your friends enjoy elecrow sponsorship coupon.




Elecrow Sponsorship Project Show Case

 Free PCB Fabrication for Christmas theme PCB  

Free Prototyping For Christmas PCB

Elecrow helped hundreds of customers bring the wonderful ideas to life on Christmas 2016. We were proud that we could enhance your festival happiness by producing good quality PCBs. We were excited that we could celebrate this festival together in a special way. It’s you- our esteemed customers, the creative electronic engineers who made the Christmas 2016 so unique and impressive.

Elecrow also sponsored a Christmas PCB Contest. You can find the wonderful Christmas project on the facebook group. One of our customers John McPherson said “I like the idea of the contest. I will be honest I was not able to come up with a decent idea, so I did not enter anything personally this year, but perhaps next year. I did want to see what people came up with, and there were many good ideas and entries.Thank you Jarvan Hu for hosting.”

Some of the contest participators approved us to share their design. You can download the circuit documents on our open source page.

 mcgill robotics team

Mcgill Robotics Team

McGill Robotics has several aims: to foster interest in robotics through competition, to cultivate a relationship with the surrounding Montreal community, and much closer to home, to create a core community at McGill via the “Team Before Machine” philosophy, which prioritizes team bonding and growth along with engineering accomplishment.

The team achieved mainly in tree parts, autonomous underwater vehicle, Mars Rovers and drone. McGill Robotics is committed to promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the Montreal Community. They visit local schools and teach children about some of the basic concepts that engineers work with every day. This encourages them to learn more about science and engineering and is also a lot of fun!

In some sense, Elecrow shares the same aim with the Mcgill Robotics team. So we offered great discount to help this capable and energetic team manufacture big size printed circuit boards.


 Dylan Cloud

Dylan Cloud - The Young Maker

Dylan Cloud is a 14 years old young boy, who is interested in programming, cyber safety, Defcon and DIY eletronics. He wows me so much when I begin to know him. I was amazed at his abilities on coding and circuit designing, and his knowledge on Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Dyland said in a #FIRSTIspires video, "I want to make a difference in the world." And he once told me that he dreamed to go to MIT for colleague. 

Dylan is such a Defcon enthusiast that he even designed an unofficial Defcon PCB badge, named Space Invader. If you are interedsted, you can visit Dylan's Twitter for the schematics.

Dylan is too young to afford the PCB manufacturing cost, so Elecrow decides to help him print these PCBs. We're very glad that we can do a little bit to help Dylan realize his dream.