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1019DRound fingerprint recognition sensor module ID809


This round fingerprint module takes ID809 high-performance processor and semiconductor fingerprint sensor as the core runs the new IDfinger6.0 fingerprint algorithm, which can realize fingerprint registration, comparison, deletion functions ,and colorful lighting effects. And the integrated chip also reduces the volume of the fingerprint module.

The product structure is simple, and the modular design improves the stability and consistency of the product. The fingerprint sensor module supports UART communication mode and with the SDK development kit, it can be connected to any microcontroller or system using a TTL serial, which is convenient for secondary development. It also comes with a 6-pin Molex style 1mm pitch connector that you can easily cut and solder directly to the wires.

Model: DPI59818S
Round fingerprint sensor module 1.jpg

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  • Good experience and high security: The brand-new IDfinger6.0 fingerprint algorithm is deeply optimized and fully accelerated; Fingerprint recognition has fast speed and high security, and it supports 360-degree recognition at any angle.
  • High performance and low power consumption: The module CPU is produced by advanced technology, with ARM® Cortex™-M4 core, which has fast operation speed and low power consumption.
  • Complete functions: It integrates functions such as fingerprint collection, image processing, feature extraction, fingerprint registration, fingerprint comparison, fingerprint deletion, and other functions.
  • Easy to develop: support Windows, Android, embedded systems, standard UART communication, and provide SDK development kit
  • Compact size: simple structure, small size, can be flexibly embedded in various products with limited size
  • Durable: high electrostatic withstand voltage, strong anti-interference ability, and sturdy shape.


  • Active capacitive sensor can store 200 fingerprints
  • 1:1 verification time is about 300~400ms
  • The communication method with the host is UART
  • The pixel resolution of the sensor is 508dpi
  • The pixel count of the sensor is 160x160
  • 360° fingerprint entry and matching
  • The outer frame size of the sensor is 12.8m in diameter, fingerprint detection area 8.0mm x 8.0mm
  • The anti-scratch rating of the sensor is 4H, and the anti-static level is +/‐ 15kV
  • The working environment of the product is -40 -60℃/<RH 90%
  • PCB diameter of the product is 21mm, installation is 19mm,height is 5mm
  • CNC firing metal ring, plus aperture


PCB diameter: 21mm, installation diameter: 19mm, height: 5mm Dimensions.png



No. Name Description
1 GND Groud
2 UART_RX UART receive
3 UART_TX UART transmit
4 VIN +3.3V: connect to work; disconnect to enter sleep
5 IRQ/WAKEUP Finger sensing output: active high
6 VCC Power supply (+3.3V)