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2.4 inch TFT Touch Shield for Arduino


The 2.4 inch TFT Touch Screen Module with micro SD card slot is now available as a SHIELD for Arduino UNO. It has a four wire resistive touch screen, a micro SD card socket, a reset switch and a convenient Arduino Uno shield footprint.
Model: ACS44240D 14410128060 1.jpg

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  • Colorful, 18-bit 262,000 different shades
  • Bright, 4 white LED backlight. On by default but you can connect the transistor to a digital pin for backlight control
  • Works with any Arduino 328 or Mega (Leonardo not supported yet)
  • Onboard 3.3V 300mA LDO regulator
  • 4-wire resistive touchscreen
  • Uses digital pins 5-13 and analog 0-3. That means you can use digital pins 2, 3 and analog 4 and 5. Pin 12 is available if not using the micro SD


Item Value
Display Color RGB 65K color
Screen Size 2.4(inch)
Type TFT
Driver IC ILI9341
Resolution 320*240(Pixel)
Module Interface 8-bit parallel interface
Active Area 48.96*36.72(mm)
Module PCB Size 72.20*52.7(mm)
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
Operating Voltage 5V/3.3V
Power Consumption TBD
Product Weight(Package containing) 39(g)

Pin Layout

2.4 TFT LCD pin.png

No. Pin Label Pin Description
1 LCD_RST LCD bus reset signal, low level reset
2 LCD_CS LCD bus chip select signal, low level enable
3 LCD_RS LCD bus command / data selection signal, low level:command, high level:data
4 LCD_WR LCD bus write signal
5 LCD_RD LCD bus read signal
6 GND Power ground
7 5V 5V power input
8 3V3 3.3V power input, this pin can be disconnected
9 LCD_D0 LCD 8-bit data Bit0
10 LCD_D1 LCD 8-bit data Bit1
11 LCD_D2 LCD 8-bit data Bit2
12 LCD_D3 LCD8-bit data Bit3
13 LCD_D4 LCD 8-bit data Bit4
14 LCD_D5 LCD 8-bit data Bit5
15 LCD_D6 LCD 8-bit data Bit6
16 LCD_D7 LCD 8-bit data Bit7
17 SD_SS SD card SPI bus chip select signal, low level enable
18 SD_DI SD card SPI bus MOSI signal
19 SD_DO SD card SPI bus MISO signal
20 SD_SCK SD card SPI bus clock signal

Platforms Supported




STEP1 Prepare the below stuffs:

Crowduino Uno 2.4 inch TFT Touch Shield for Arduino
Crowduino 2.jpg 14410128060 1.jpg
Get one now Get one now

STEP2 Plug 2.4 inch TFT Touch Shield into Crowduino Uno; Plug2.4tft.png
STEP3 Connect Crowduino Uno to PC via a Mini USB cable.


STEP 1 Download
STEP 2 Configure controller board&communication port On top of the Arduino IDE, click “Tools>Board>” and select “Arduino Uno”from the available options
Select the COM port that indicates Arduino Uno. Please note that the actual numbers after the “COM” word will vary from computer to computer, so they could be different from the ones shown in the figure.
S 2 2.png

STEP 3 Install Library: Unzip the Arduino Demo code_ArduinoUNO& file. Copy the dependent libraries in the Install libraries directory in the package (shown below) to the Libraries directory under the Arduino installation directory

STEP 4 Open the sample program in the Example directory of the package to test 20220606180639.png

STEP 5 Click the Upload.png to upload the code to the Crowduino board

STEP6 After the program is downloaded, run it directly and observe the running status. If it can be displayed normally, the program runs successfully


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