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Lora RFM95 IOT Board for RPI


The Lora RFM95 IOT Board for RPI consists of the wireless transport module RFM95. The module can accomplish ultra long distance transmission of data, that is, it can provide ultra long range spread spectrum communication and high anti-interference. It also has the function of transmitting data through the wall. The wireless transmission module is mainly used in remote control, telemetry, remote communication equipment, robot control, wireless communications and so on. Its high anti-interference can give your project a certain degree of convenience.

Model: WIR01323B



  • LoRaTM Modem
  • Operating frequency: 915MHZ@RFM95
  • Output power: 20dbm
  • Maximum emission current: 120mA
  • Current accepted: 12mA
  • Sleep current 2ua
  • Transmission rate: 300kbps
  • Power: 3.7-5v


  • 168 dB maximum link budget
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Compatible with I2C
  • Long distance
  • Automated meter reading
  • Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator
  • Built-in bit synchronizer for clock recovery
  • Dimensions(mm):65.2(L)x35.8(W)x18.9(H)


In the process of testing, the direction of the antenna should be corresponding to the two boards, that is to say, the antenna of the transmitting board should point to the receiving board, and the receiving board should also point to the transmitting board.



a.Conncect Lora RFM95 to Raspberry Pi.

b.Connect Lora RFM Shied to Arduino.


1.Downloard RadioHead to Arduino IDE in the libraries folder under the installation directory.

2.Downloard and open it Receiver, download to Arduino.


1.Activate raspberry pie

Step1: Download the driver.


git clone

Step2: Download and install C library for BCM 2835



And now install it:

tar zxvf bcm2835*
cd bcm2835*
sudo make check
sudo make install

Step3: Scan your Lora-RF95 IOT Board

cd ~/Lora-RF95-IOT-Board-v1.0/examples/raspi/spi_scan
sudo ./spi_scan

Tips: when you can see this line(Checking register(0x42) with CS=GPIO07 => SX1276 RF95/96 (V=0x12)) that it means works

Step4: And now,you can do some example

cd ~/Lora-RF95-IOT-Board-v1.0/examples/raspi/rf95

Example 1: Use the board as a client

sudo ./rf95_client

Example 2: Use the board as a sever

sudo ./rf95_server

2.Observed on the LoRa RFM95 IOT Board for RPI red light will be lit, yellow lights flashing. Opening the Arduino IDE serial monitor.

3.Put raspberry pie over 50 meters away, still work as usual and test success