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Breadboard Power Supply


This Breadboard Power Supply can directly takes power from DC Jack or Mini USB port and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage directly to breadboard. This power supply fits the breadboard like Basic Bread Board With Slot.

With this board, you can send power to both power lane of the breadboard, and each side has a on/off switch.

Model: PSB02011B

BreadBoard Power Supply6.jpg


  • 5V/3.3V regulated voltage
  • Dual lane output
  • Separate power selection for each lane
  • Dual power port input
  • Special designed for Breadboard usage


Specification Conditions Min Typ max Unit
Input voltage 5.0 6.5 12.0 V
Output Voltage Channel 3.3V 3.235 3.3 3.365 V
Channel 5V: 10mA≤IOUT≤600mA, 6.5V≤VIN ≤12V 4.9000 5.0 5.100 V
Output Current 800 mA


Hardware Installation

  1. Align the polarity of pin header to breadboard. (Usually Red for +, Blue for -)
  2. Plug the supply board to breadboard completely.

Now you may de-activate power by the two jumpers, or adjust the vertical switches to select different voltage. The horizontal switch is used to select Jack pin or mini USB cable as input.


How to buy

You can visit here to purchase it.