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Breakout Board for micro:bit IO Expansion Board


Microbit expansion board is an IO port expansion board that supports micro:bit. It can draw out all resources on the micro:bit and also has its own buzzer. Not only can it be connected to the P0 pin through a jumper cap, but it can also be released through the jumper cap. The small and unique size is very suitable for various small projects of micro:bit.

Model: DTS02018B

Breakout board for microbit.png


  • All IO ports are led out
  • Comes with buzzer
  • With LEGO compatible latch holes
  • 3PN interface distinguished by yellow, red and black


For use with micro:bit, the connection is as shown below:

Micto-bit Connection.png

Then log in to the makecode website and click on New Project.

New project.png

Example 1 digital output

1. Connect the positive and negative poles of the power supply and the IO port

Connection IO.png

2. Write a light program.

Light program.png

3. Running result

Result 1.png Result 2.png

Example 2 I2C mode

1. Add the i2c program module to makecode. Here we take oled as an example. Click "Extensions", enter OLED in the search box, and select the "oled-ssd1306" module.



2. Connection module I2C interface


3. Write a program to display "Micro:bit"

Display micro bit.png

4. Run and check the display effect

Display effect.png