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Crowbits-Adjustable Infrared Sensor


This infrared distance switch features a high-sensitivity photo reflector to perform distance detection function, ranging from 3cm to 80cm. When the infrared light emitted by the emitter gets reflected on a surface that blocked it, the phototransistor can pick up the signal for distance calculation. Also a potentiometer for adjustment is arranged for easy and clear use. It is small, easy to use/assemble, and inexpensive. Useful for robotics, interactive media, industrial assembly line, etc.

Crowbits-Adjustable Infrared Sensor 1.jpg


  • Easy to use/assemble
  • High-sensitivity


  • Power supply: 3.3V
  • Current: 100mA
  • Range: 3-80cm adjustable
  • Wire length: 20cm


The following sketch demonstrates a simple application of the module.

1.You need to prepare a Crowbits motherboard, such as Crowbits-UNO board.

2.Connect the module to the D2 interface of the Crowbits-UNO board, as shown in the figure:

Crowbits-Adjustable Infrared Sensor-Wiki 1.jpg

3.Upload the following code to the Crowbits-UNO board.

void setup()  {
void loop()  {
 while(1)  {
   if(digitalRead(2)==LOW)  {
     Serial.println("object detected.");
   else  {
     Serial.println("no object detected.");

4.After the upload is successful, open the serial port monitor, the baud rate is set to 9600. When an object is detected, the serial port will print “object detected.”

Crowbits-Adjustable Infrared Sensor-Wiki 2.jpg