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The MOSFET is a digital output module, it’s a kind of switch that enables you to control large current with small current.



  • A small current to control large currents


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Supply mode: Crowbits Power Module
  • Dimensions: 31.5(L)*24.5(W)*13(H) mm


1.Control fan with relay

1)You also need a power module, such as Crowbits-Power Supply; An input module, such as Crowbits-Switch; An extension module, such as Crowbits-Terminal.

2)The connection mode is shown in the figure, but the signal feet of the input module and the output module must be connected.

Crowbits-MOSFET-Wiki 1.jpg

3)We need to connect the S_IN interface on the Crowbits-MOSFET board to a 3.3V power supply. So, we connect the VCC interface on Crowbits-terminal board to the S_IN Interface on Crowbits-MOSFET board with Dupont line.

4)We need to connect the fan's negative pole on the GND interface on the Crowbits-MOSFET board, the positive pole of the fan on the D_OUT Interface on Crowbits-MOSFET board.

Crowbits-MOSFET-Wiki 2.JPG

5)Then, turn on the power. When you press the self-locking switch, the small fan starts to turn. When you release the self-locking switch, the small fan stops to turn.

Crowbits-MOSFET-Wiki 3.JPG