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Crowtail- Extend board for Connection


A Couple of extend board for further connection. Look at this Crowtail gadget, it will solve your big trouble when you want to set up a remote connection with Crowduino and Crowtail-modules. For using, you need to prepare a right length network cable, but you should notice that it can only compatible with the Straight-Through Wired Cables but not Crossover Wired Cables. It cheap and practical. Wish nice user experience.

Model: CT0063EBC

Crowtail- Extend Board for Connection1.JPG


  • Size:20mm x 40mm.
  • Operate voltage: 3.3V/5V
  • Compatible with Crowtail board
  • Compatible Straight-Through Wired cables interface


The purpose of the Extend board is to allow easy extend connection.For example you can put your Crowduino board indoor and Crowtail module outdoor to achieve remote chontrol.
Crowtail- Extend board for Connection2.JPG