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Crowtail- Linear Potentiometer


The Crowtail- Linear Potentiometer module uses a linear variable resistor with a maximum resistance of 10KΩ. When you move the slider from one side to the other, its output voltage will range from 0 V to the Vcc you applied. The panel mount design makes this module easy to be installed in projects.

Model: CT0022LP

Crowtail- Linear Potentiometer.JPG


  • 30 mm long slide length
  • Linear resistance taper
  • Connection Mode:A(Analog)



Item Min Typical Max Unit
Voltage 3.5 5.0 30 V
Current - - 30 mA
Dimension 20 x 60 mm
Net Weight 8.3 g
Rotational life >15000 cycles
Total resistance 10
Stroke length 30 mm
Total resistance tolerance +/- 20% /


With Arduino

Follow these simple steps to make the Linear potentiometer module function as a voltage divider:

1.When using the module in conjunction with an Arduino or a Crowduino, use the Crowtail - Base Shield and connect the Crowtail - Linear Potentiometer module to the shield using a designated Crowtail Interface (e.g., Analog Port 0 as shown below):

Linear Pottentiomerter1.jpg

2.Connect the board to PC using USB cable.

3.Upload the following sample sketch:

int sensorpin=A0;
int sensorValue=0;
void setup() 
void loop()
  sensorValue = analogRead(sensorpin);
  Serial.print("sensorValue ");

4.Open the serial monitor. You should see some data from ADC.