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Crowtail- Serial Camera


The Crowtail Serial Camera is a JPEG color camera module easy for PC& MCU use.It has integrated image processing DSP to generate 320*240 or 640*480 JPEG image without thumbnail information, captured picture will be stored in internal buffer and transferred via UART port. The UART Can be configued to TTL or CMOS by hardware.

Model: CT009040C
Serial camera 8348.jpg


  • Default baud rate of serial port is 38400
  • 640x480/320x240(default) resolution
  • JPEG compressed image without Thumbnail Information
  • 5v power supply
  • Crowtail interface
  • Easy to use
  • Dimensions(mm):32.0(L)x32.0(W)x26.5(H)



Here is an example showing how to turn on the Crowtail- Serial camera.

1.Plug it onto the U2 port of Crowtail- Base Shield using a Crowtail cable and plug one button onto digital 12 port.

2.Plug the Crowtail- Base Shield onto Crowduino_SD (or one Wireless SD Card Shield onto Crowduino)

3. Connect Arduino to PC by using a USB cable.

0706serial camera11.jpg

4.Download the Crowtail- Serial Camera Demo Code,unzip it and place it to your your arduino sketchfolder/libraries/ folder

5.Open Arduino IDE, File -> examples ->VC0706_Serial_Camera ->MotionDetect, you can open the demo code.


6.Download it to the Crowduino,and open the serial port debug window,you will see the result as bellow:


5. when the check is over, you can move the camera and begin to take photos. the Camera will take a picture and store the picture into the SD card. you can adjust the camera lens to change the focal distance, to make the picture more clear.

Camera with Arduino pincture.png