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Crowtail- Vibration Motor


This is a mini vibration motor suitable as a non-audible indicator. When the input is HIGH, the motor will vibrate just like your cell phone on silent mode.

Model: CT0014VM

Crowtail- Vibration Motor.JPG


  • Crowtail compatible
  • Low power consumption
  • High reliability



Item Min Typical Max Unit
Voltage 3.0 5.0 5.5 V
Control Mode Logic Level

(When Logic HIGH, the motor is ON. When LOW, the motor is OFF.)

Rated speed 9000 rpm


Here is an example showing how to turn on the vibration motor.

1. Plug it onto the Digital port 5 of Crowtail - Base Shield using a Crowtail cable.

2.Plug the Crowtail - Base Shield onto Arduino.

3. Connect Arduino to PC by using a USB cable.


4. Copy and paste code below to a new Arduino sketch, and upload it to your Arduino.

int MoPin = 5;    // vibrator connected to digital pin 5
void setup()  { 
 pinMode( MoPin, OUTPUT );
void loop()  {  
   digitalWrite(MoPin, HIGH);         
   digitalWrite(MoPin, LOW);         

5.When you upload the code complete,you can see the vibrating motor vibrate at one second intervals.
Vibration Motor result2.jpg