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Crowtail- WIFI Module


WIFI module can launch a WIFI signal and you can send control command to our crowduino by connecting to it. In a word, it’s a WIFI data transmission module. More bigger flash and storage insure high- definition and smooth images. Also more stabler signal. You should pay attention to that the input voltage is 5v, do not exceed 5.5v. if you want to DIY your SMART WIFI VIDEO CAR, pick up it to get more good experience.

Module: APK01139W

14525718510 1.jpg

Alt text


  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Shell size:57 x 67 x 23mm
  • 8M- flash,64 M-RAM
  • Current power consumption: 1.2W
  • Built- in a onboard antenna

UART Interface

Crowtail wifi module interface.png


Used in Smart WIFI Video Car( Arduino Control ), click learn more.


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