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Crowtail-Nano Base Board


The Crowtail- nano Base Shield plugs into Crowduino Nano module and play the foundation of the Crowtail system. ALL I/O ports of the Crowduino Nano are exposed and adapted into Crowtail connectors which include digital I/O,analog I/O,and specialized ports(I2C,UART).

Model: CT0054NBB

Crowtail-Nano Base Shield01.JPG


  • Compatible with Crowduino Nano Module.
  • 3 Digital connectors (D2-D4)
  • 3 Analog connectors (A0-A2)
  • 1 I2C sockets
  • NO SPI socket
  • UART connector
  • Stacking connectors
  • Two power supply mode
  • Dimensions(mm):61.6(L)x20.0(W)x18.2(H)

Interface Function

The purpose of the base shield is to allow easy connection of any microprocessor input and output pins to the Crowtail units. For a more detailed examination of the Base Board, please refer to the following diagram: BM1.png

D port:Digital I/O port.

A port:Analog I/O port.

U port:UART port.

I port:IIC port.

This is a pecular interface logo of all the Crowtail products. It may you easy to differentiate which module is connect to the digital port or other port.