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GC1016 10.1" TFT-LCD Monitor 1280*800 Color Screen with AV1 VGA HDMI BNC USB Input Built-in Speaker


This 10.1" screen with multi-video input(VGA, AV, HDMI, BNC) and a multi-language OSD menu. The versatility of this screen enables it to be used in CCTV systems, PC monitors, rearview cameras monitor, and indoor security use. If you are a gamer, connect the screen to your gaming console and enjoy better viewing.
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Item Value
Model GC1016
Screen Size 10.1 inches
Signal input VGA/HDMI/BNC/AV
Panel brightness 250cd / m²
Contrast 400: 1
Resolution 1280*800
Aspect ratio 4:3
Refresh Rate 60-75Hz
Working temperature 0-45℃
Power 12V


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1: Connect Raspberry Pi to use

Step 1: Please download the image of the latest version from Raspberry Pi's website.
Step 2: Download the compressed file to your PC and unpack it to get the .Img file.
Step 3: The TF card is connected to the PC and formatted using the SDFormatter software.
Step 4: Open the Win32DiskImager software, select the system image prepared in step 1, and click write to burn the system image.
Step 5: After the programming is completed, then insert the TF card into the Raspberry Pi.
Step 6: Connect the HDMI interface of the 10.1-inch screen to the HDMI interface of the Raspberry Pi.
Step 7: Connect the 12V power adapter to the DC interface on the screen. Then power on the Raspberry Pi, and wait for a few seconds to display normally.

2:Use as PC Monitor

Step 1: Connect the computer HDMI( or VGA) output signal to the display’s HDMI( or VGA) interface by using the HDMI( or VGA) cable.
Step 2: Connect the 12V power adapter to the DC interface on the screen.
Step 3: Then it can display normally.