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I2C LCD2004(Yellow


An LCD display that can display a max of 2004 charactors. with the help of the I2C bus convertor and related libraries, you can easily use this module with just 2 wires.
Model: DLC12004B

I2C LCD2004(Yellow)1.jpg I2C LCD2004(Yellow)3.jpg


  • LCD Display Mode: STN, Positive, Transflective
  • Display Color: ?Blue
  • Driving Method : 1/16 duty, ⅕ bias
  • Control Method: I2C
  • Viewing Angle: 6H


  • Electronic equipment


The basic usage of this LCD2004 is the same as the LCD1602, except that you should use this Library for LCD2004. please refer to the Wiki of LCD1602 to learn how to use this module.


File:I2C LCD