Crowbits-DHT11 Sensor

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Temperature and humidity sensors refer to devices or devices that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed.



  • Digital reading accuracy


  • Interface Type:GPIO
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Dimensions: 31.5(L)*24.5(W)*13(H)mm

Application Ideas

Display test information


The following sketch demonstrates a simple application.

1. You need to prepare a Crowbits motherboard, such as Crowbits-UNO board.

2. Connect the module to the A0 interface on the Crowbits-UNO board, as shown in the figure:

Crowbits-DHT11 Sensor-Wiki 1.JPG

3. Download the library Crowbits-DHT11 Sensor library. Unzip and put it in the libraries file, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries.

4. Upload the following code to the Crowbits-UNO board.

// Example testing sketch for various DHT humidity/temperature sensors
// Written by ladyada, public domain

#include "DHT.h"

#define DHTPIN A0     // what pin we're connected to

// Uncomment whatever type you're using!
#define DHTTYPE DHT11   // DHT 11 
//#define DHTTYPE DHT22   // DHT 22  (AM2302)
//#define DHTTYPE DHT21   // DHT 21 (AM2301)

// Connect pin 1 (on the left) of the sensor to +5V
// Connect pin 2 of the sensor to whatever your DHTPIN is
// Connect pin 4 (on the right) of the sensor to GROUND
// Connect a 10K resistor from pin 2 (data) to pin 1 (power) of the sensor


void setup() 
    Serial.println("DHTxx test!");


void loop() 
    // Reading temperature or humidity takes about 250 milliseconds!
    // Sensor readings may also be up to 2 seconds 'old' (its a very slow sensor)
    float h = dht.readHumidity();
    float t = dht.readTemperature();

    // check if returns are valid, if they are NaN (not a number) then something went wrong!
    if (isnan(t) || isnan(h)) 
        Serial.println("Failed to read from DHT");
        Serial.print("Humidity: "); 
        Serial.print(" %\t");
        Serial.print("Temperature: "); 
        Serial.println(" *C");

5.After the code is uploaded successfully, Open the debug window and observe the displayed humidity and temperature.

Crowbits-DHT11 Sensor-Wiki.jpg