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The power supply is the heart of the Crowbits, The power supply is the power source of the entire Crowbits eco-system and modules, allowing to power them both by battery and power cord connection. On the technical side, the battery is a Lithium battery, the same battery that most of us have inside our phone these days. The voltage of the battery is 3.7V, 3.7 is a bit too much for our use case and the CrowBits, in order to protect them we step down using a module called DC-DC regulator from 3.7V to 3.3V - this allows us to power on the Crowbits safety. The power supply module is rechargeable, it can be charged by a 5V/1A power adapter through a micro USB interface.



  • Single output port.
  • Output indicator.


  • Output Voltage: 3.3V DC
  • Charging method: Micro USB 5V DC
  • Dimensions: 56(L)*31(W)*13(H) mm


1. You also need a power module, such as Crowbits-Power Supply; An input module, such as Crowbits-Switch; An extension module, such as Crowbits-LED.

2. The connection mode is shown in the figure, but the signal feet of the input module and the output module must be connected.

Crowbits-Power Supply(M)-Wiki 1.jpg

3. Then, turn on the power. When you press the self-locking switch, the LED light.

Crowbits-Power Supply(M)-Wiki 2.jpg