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CrowPi-L is a lite version born out of CrowPi2, "L" stands for Lite, Light, and Laptop. This is a real Raspberry Pi computer. We collected a lot of opinions from CrowPi users and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, focusing on solving many inconveniences of using Raspberry Pi DIV laptops, such as installing Raspberry Pi , switching system, heat dissipation, expanding screens, etc. Better yet, we still retain the highlights of the CrowPi series, built-in course system. Users will have a new experience bringing by Crowpi-L.

Model: SER35001L
Crowpi laptop 106.jpg

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  • 11.6-inch 1366*768 IPS screen, sleek body made out of environmentally-friendly material, portable and delicate.
  • Come with keyboard and touchpad, which are the assistant for using Raspberry Pi.
  • Built-in fan and air circulation cooling system designed to protect the smooth operation of the Raspberry Pi system.
  • 40 pin expansion Raspberry Pi pin, allow users to connect the onboard sensor or output independently, which can help build Raspberry Pi projects faster and enables more creative usage.
  • 2 megapixels camera which is integrated with microphone, and also equipped with stereo output speakers.
  • The Type-C interface supports 9-20V wide voltage input, and a built-in 5000 mAh battery, which supports the device to work independently for more than three hours, and the software synchronously displays the battery power status.
  • The HDMI expansion port can be used to connect an external monitor, and the audio expansion port allow headphone or speaker to be connected.
  • Equipped with self-developed learning software, customized UI that is more suitable for traditional computer users, making software and hardware programming learning easier and more convenient.
  • Unique dual system switching function and extended storage function.


Item Value
Model CrowPi-L
Size 291(Length)*190(Width)*46(Height)mm
Weight 1.1kg
Screen 11.6 inch 1366*768 IPS screen
Camera 2 megepixels camera with microphone
Power Supply DC 12V 2A
Power Connector USB-C interface
Keyboard Built-in USB keyboard
Touchpad Function Support
Mouse 2.4G mouse
Audio Output Stereo speakers
Volume Adjustment Support
Screen Brightness Adjustment Support
Induction Screen Function Support
External Storage Support
Extended Screen Function Support
Audio Output Interface 3. 5MM headphone jack
Equipment Compatible Raspberry Pi 4B
Dual System Function Support
Support Operating System Raspbian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows IOT, Kail, Pidora, ArchLinux, FreeBSD, Kodi, OpenWrt, RISC OS, RetroPie, LAKKA, Recalbox, LibreELEC, OSMC
Certification CE FCC Rohs


  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • WARNING: Use the detachable supply unit provided with this appliance only.


Crowpi laptop 0202.jpg Crowpi laptop 0402.jpg



Install Raspberry Pi and boot
Step 1. Install the screws for Raspberry Pi which will be installed in the laptop
Install the screws.png

Step 2. Insert the 2-in-1 TF card adapter board into the TF card slot on the back of the Raspberry Pi
Insert the TF card.png

Step 3. Install HDMI expansion board
Install HDMI expansion board.png

Step 4. Install USB adapter board and connect the flat cable to HDMI expansion board
Install USB adapter.png

Step 5. Put the assembled Raspberry Pi into the Raspberry Pi storage compartment, there is a magnetic base at the bottom of the compartment to fix the Raspberry Pi.
Put in.png

Step 6. Connect the other end of the flat cable to the motherboard.
Flat cable.png

Step 7. Press the GPIO adapter board with fan from top to bottom to connect the 40 pins on both sides.
The fan.png

Step 8. Cover the Raspberry Pi protective cover.

Step 9. Plug the 12V/2A type-c power adapter and press the power button at the top of the keyboard to start using.
Power on.png

Use of camera and microphone
Connect camera and microphone via USB, if there is abnormal, you need to first check whether the USB adapter is properly connected in the forth step of the "Raspberry Pi Installation and Booting" operation guide.

Use of wireless mouse
1. Take out the wireless receiver in the mouse compartment.
2. Insert the receiver into the USB port of the Raspberry Pi.
3.Turn on the power of the mouse to start normal use.
Note: Your operation should follow the order above, don't turn on the power first.

Use of touchpad
When CrowPi-L is working normally, press FN+F1 to unlock the touchpad for normal use, and press FN+F1 again to disable the touchpad function. 

Connect to the network
Insert the network cable into the network port of the Raspberry Pi or turn on the wireless network switch to connect to the wireless network.

Screen brightness adjustment
When CrowPi-L is working normally, press F9 to decrease the brightness and press F10 to increase the brightness.

Charging and battery
When using the type-c power supply, the battery can be charged. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery when it is not working. After being fully charged, it can support the device to work continuously for 3 hours.

Dual system switch
The self-developed dual-system switching adapter board allows two TF cards to be inserted at the same time, and users can quickly switch the system through the switch on the switching board.
Note: Switch operation need to do when machine is turned off, and turn on the laptop after switching successfully.

Support external storage
The product provides an independent memory card interface, and users can connect an external memory card to expand the memory capacity.

Use of expansion screen
CrowPi-L has set aside a standard HDMI interface for customers to use the expansion screen.
Note: Affected by the Raspberry Pi 4B hardware, the expansion screen needs to be connected to the HDMI cable and screen before the Raspberry Pi is turned on, and the expansion screen can be used normally after turning on the device.

Use of headphone/speaker
Compatible with headphones or speakers with 3.5mm interface

Use of GPIO port
We specially designed the GPIO port adapter board for CrowPi-L. After the user plugs in the adapter board, the Crowtail series sensor can be connected externally, and users can learn software and hardware knowledge through our tutorials.
Connection steps:
Step 1. Connect the cable to the shield board
Shield board.png
Step 2. Insert the other end of the cable into the GPIO slot on the side of the laptop

Program Lesson

Letscode lessons
16 Game design lessons: Suitable for beginners, simple graphical programming can quickly output interesting game projects, which can help users build a programming system and exercise logical thinking.
24 Hardware control lessons: Letscode's advanced course adds a wealth of sensor knowledge. The combination of software and hardware can quickly output intelligent electronic projects, help users understand electronic circuits, open the door to hardware design, and exercise hands-on ability.
Crowpi laptop lesson07.jpg

Python lessons
32 Python Introduction to syntax lessons: Suitable for students with basic graphical programming, systematic code programming introduction, staged project design, allowing users to learn the underlying logic of programming and improve logical thinking.
24 Python hardware control lessons : An advanced course for the introduction of Python syntax, complete hardware projects through code programming, consolidate and improve programming ability, and cultivate systematic design thinking.
Crowpi laptop lesson08.jpg


1. Unable to boot
Make sure you are using the correct charger and you inserted the SD card into the Raspberry Pi
2. The wireless mouse cannot be used
Please ensure that the battery is sufficient and the wireless receiver has been inserted into the USB port of the Raspberry Pi
3. The touchpad cannot be used
Please confirm that the touch function (keyboard touch function switch: FN+F1) is turned on
4. The screen is black and freezes
Please check whether the high-current peripherals were mounted and led to insufficient power supply. It may also due to standby caused by long periods of non-use, use a touchpad or keyboard to wake up
5.The camera and microphone do not work
The USB adapter connection is unstable, please re-plug
6. Unable to connect to the network
Please turn on the wireless network or connect to the Raspberry Pi Ethernet port.
You can list you question here or contact with for technology support.