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What is Elecrow Services

Elecrow provide one-stop Electronics manufacturing services for engineers that include PCB Design, PCB Layout, Arduino&Raspberry PI programing,PCB Manufacturing, one by one quotation Premium PCB Service, PCB Assembly, Stencil(On-line Ordering), Component Sourcing or Products Sourcing, Acrylic Laser Cutting(On-line Ordering), injection Molding Service, 3D Printing, Laser Cutting Service, CNC service, Case Desgin, packing & Drop Shipping. There will be one project manager to follow your project to insure product quality and lead time.

PCB manufacturing

Please visit this page order PCB online https://www.elecrow.com/pcb-manufacturing.html.

PCB_Service_Q&A Common PCB design problem for PCB fabrication Read_Me_before_Ordering PCB_Specification_FAQ

PCB Software Configuration & Gerber File Export

Free online PCB Gerber viewer

How to export gerber files from Eagle file

How to export gerber files from Eagle in Japanese

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How to export gerber files from KiCad

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Any great article about PCB design for fabrication can be shared,please feel free to contact us PCB@elecrow.com

Customer Reviews for Elecrow PCB

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Please feel free to contact us PCB@elecrow.com to add your Elecrow service experience here to share with us.