LCD1602 for microbit shield

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This shield is specially designed for Micro: bit, LCD1602 and Micro: bit using 4-wire connection, it is the same size as LCD1602 display and has 4 crowtail interface, IIC, UART, analog port and digital port. LCD1602 display contrast also can be adjusted.

Model: DTS02115S

LCD1602 for microbit shield 1.png


  • Apply to Micro: bit.
  • The contrast also can be adjusted.
  • 4-wire communication.


  • Crowtail interface : IIC, UART, analog port and digital port
  • Output voltage:5v
  • Size: 37mm x 80mm


Drag the microbit.hex file into the microbit's hard disk to upload the program, and something will happen.

LCD1602 for microbit shield 2.png

LCD1602 for microbit shield 3.png

If you need other display effects, you can program via microbit.