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*[[Power over Internet(POE) Hat for Raspberry Pi]]  
*[[Power over Internet(POE) Hat for Raspberry Pi]]  
*[[Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS HAT For Raspberry Pi]]  
*[[Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS HAT For Raspberry Pi]]  
*[[4 Channel I2C Motor Shield v1.1]]
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|width="32%" valign="top" align="left"|

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We Are Elecrow

Elecrow is devoted in open source hardware industry, which is located in a city that benefiting from the largest electronic market, local manufacture power and convenient global logistic system, a vast number of funny and exciting products are created every day. We integrate resources to serve new era of innovation.
To make your making and innovation easier, we offer various development platform, modules, tools, electronics components,and other open source hardware.we also provide many kinds of service ,include Fusion PCB service, Component Sourcing service and PCB Assembly service etc.
No matter whether you're a curious student, a qualified engineer, or a hobbyist who loves to create, there will always be something here to meet your needs - and if there isn't ,we'd love to know. please list your wishes through the Furom or contact with us.

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