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Meteor Screen 10.1" IPS Touch Screen (with RGB Animated light)


This 10.1-inch IPS HD touch display provides resolution of 1280 x 800 and supports multiple systems including Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. and it is also compatible with Raspberry Pi 3/3B+/4B, Jetson Nano, Beaglebone, Banana Pi, and other mainstream development board. The biggest difference between it and other screens is the RGB flowing light design on its back, which not only has 19 lighting modes to choose from but also can adjust the brightness. With the exclusive bracket, you can easily create a cool atmosphere together with the lights. HDMI communication supports plug and play and can be used in multiple scenarios such as Raspberry Pi screen, computer expansion screen, party entertainment system, etc.

It supports 10-point touch and multi-touch gestures, such as click, press, zoom in/out, etc. fast response. With three buttons, you can adjust the screen backlight, RGB light switch, switch the light mode and adjust the brightness. Just use the included HDMI cable and USB cable to easily connect to the computer without additional operations.
Model: CMS01101D

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  • 10.1 inch IPS touch screen;
  • 1280 * 800 resolution (the maximum supported resolution is 1920*1080);
  • Support backlight adjustment (BACKLIGHT button);
  • Capacitive touch, supporting 10-point touch;
  • RGB animated light on the back creates a cool atmosphere, and 19 kinds of customized LED modes;
  • The mode can be switched freely, and RGB LED brightness three-level adjustment is supported;
  • High-strength acrylic shell design, consider beauty and practicality;
  • Compatible with Raspbian, Linux, Ubuntu, Kodi, Windows, IOT and other systems (touch drive free);
  • Compatible with development boards such as Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano, Banana Pi, Beaglebone, etc;
  • Compatible with Sony PS4/PS5, Nintendo Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, Camera, etc (display only, no touch);
  • Customized design of fixed studs, perfectly compatible with raspberry pie 3/3B+/4B, can quickly build Raspberry Pi all-in-one machine;


Item Description
Screen Parameters Size 10.1 inch
Panel IPS panel (with 178 ° wide viewing angle)
Resolution 1280*800
Touchscreen Capacitive touch (maximum support for 10 touch), 6H hardness tempered panel
Display Port HDMI
Backlight Brightness 300 cd/m² (with button sdjustment)
Contrast Ratio 700:1
Active Area 216.57*135.36mm
Dimensions 239*157.5*12.6mm
Power Supply DC 5V-2A (below 2A, backlight/RGB LED brightness will affect normal operation due to low current)
Consumption 5.29W (100% brightness, no rgb LED lit)
Weight(screen only) 540g
RGB LED Type 3535 models, RGB full-color light
Quantity 27 pcs (the interval is about 22mm)
Brightness 3 level (with button sdjustment)
Consumption 7.6W (RGB LEDs 100% brightness, backlight 100% brightness)
Light Mode There are 19 modes (with paddle switch), The sequence is:
Mode 1: Colorful Gradient
Mode 2: Colorful Strobe
Mode 3: Colorful Closure
Mode 4: Forward Fantasy
Mode 5: Reverse Colorful Flowing
Mode 6: Forward Colorful Flowing
Mode 7: Forward Colorful Trailing
Mode 8: Forward Colorful Running on Red Background
Mode 9: Reverse Colorful Running on Purple Background
Mode 10: Forward Colorful Flowing
Mode 11: Reverse Colorful Flowing
Mode 12: Forward Green Background Blue dot running
Mode 13: reverse green background and blue dot running
Mode 14: forward seven color light and dark transition
Mode 15: green, red and blue horse running
Mode 16: red and bright
Mode 17: green and bright
Mode 18: blue and bright
Mode 19: mixed mode

Port and Button

Meteor screen interface1.png

In order to ensure that the screen and RGB LED can be turned on, it is necessary to both connect the POWER and Touch ports.
If only the Touch port is connected, when the screen is turned on, because the RGB LED is automatically turned on, the screen may not be able to display images due to insufficient power supply. Turn off the RGB LED to display images.


1. When the power supply is 5V1A, when will the screen turn dark?
When the power supply is 5V1A, the screen will be dark if the screen brightness is 100%; If the screen brightness is 90% and RGB brightness is level 1, it can be displayed normally; If the RGB brightness is level 3, the screen will be black when the screen brightness is 40%.