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Mini solar Lipo Charger v1.0


The solar/LiPo Charger is extremely affordable and easy to use. No programming is required. Plug it in and it works. The internal charger IC handles all the power flow between the various components. In case solar power is not sufficient, the microUSB port allows you to charge your lithium battery through USB. It can also be used to program your kit without detaching the LiPo Charger board.

The solar/LiPo Charger board will Show red LED to alarm when the battery is low power, or it will show Green. The LiPo Charger board is the ideal green power solution for your outdoor sensor design. Attach the LiPo Charger board to your sensor board and it can run on solar power forever!

It can be used to charge mobile phone.In addition, it also provide JST2.0 plug power output, It can provide 5V power for other peripherals.

Model: CPC09141S



  • Maximum 1A load output

  • Battery and Solar panel connector is JST 2.0

  • The output ports are USB and JST2.0

  • Stable 5V USB power supply regardless of source

  • Charge/Recharge algorithms built into chip

  • Charge Lithium Polymer Battery through solar power or USB

  • Stable supply voltage through either lithium battery or USB

  • One red alarm LED and one green status LED




  • Input voltage: 4.4V-6V

  • Output voltage / current: 5V 500mA

  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃ -80 ℃

  • Weight:9g


1.Charge and discharge can not be greater than 1A, otherwise it will burn the components

2.Potential short circuit or electric shock, especially if device gets wet when placing out for solar power collection

3.Board in the course of work slightly fever is a normal phenomenon


We provide directly usb 5v voltage power supply or solar panel power supply. Lipo battery port connected to the 3.7V lipo battery, if the battery is not full, red light, if the battery is full, green light, this time only a light. USB output port to connect the data cable and mobile phone to observe whether the phone can charge, unplug the USB5V can continue to charge the phone, the test passed. You can also through the 5V voltage output port access to other 5v power supply peripherals.