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Solderless Protoboard for raspberry pi v1.0


This a solderless protoboard for raspberry pi,it have a printed circuit board and a single 2*20 GPIO header for raspberry pi to put your Perma-Proto on top of you Raspberry Pi. This version also comes with a 24C32 I2C EEPROM soldered on and connected to the EEDAT/EECLK lines. Nearly every pin you could want to connect to the pin are drawn out(Except for #26). You can easily insert the components on the breadboard and connect to raspberry pi to do a variety of interesting experiments.

Model: (Discontinued)

Solderless Protoboard for raspberry pi v1.0.jpg


1.Compatible with all kinds of the Raspberry Pi.

2.24C256 I2C EEPROM.

3.Attaching chips, resistors, LED, potentiometers and more.

4.Strips for +3V, +5V and Ground connections to the Raspberry Pi.

5.2*20 GPIO header.



It's very convenient to use this solderless protoboard. You just need to connect it to raspberry Pi, then you can do a variety of experiments on the protoboard.


If you want to program in the EEPROM to make a self-identifying setup using this protoboard, you can refer to GitHub platform to learn more.