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Transparent Acrylic Switches Tester Collection


This kit is designed to achieve the actual feel of a real Cherry MX switch mechanical keyboard by mounting all the actual switches on a specially designed model! The TRANSPARENT ACRYLIC SWITCHES TESTER will help you decide which switch is best for you.
It is compatible with 99% of the mechanical key switches on the market and can be customized into a mechanical keyboard that is unique to your own habits. Each switch is produced by the golden cross contact technology of the CHERRY factory in Auerbach, Germany, with sensitive reflection and quick response. And it has a high-precision precision switch. It can be knocked 50 million times and has a long life with strong spring. The MX key caps come with a dust cover to protect the internal parts and keep your key switches away from dust. And its built-in 3 mm LED lights which make your switch tester look cool.

Model: ACT23536L
Cherry keyboard shaft 12kit 05.jpg


  • Accurate press feeling of 12 Cherry MX switches
  • Stable housing, precise cutting frame
  • Comfortable and smooth chauffeuring design on edge
  • Translucent clear key caps
  • Sensitive reflection, quick response
  • Strong spring, super feel
  • Has a lifespan of about 50 million strokes
  • MX key caps with dust cover
  • Detachable keys design for DIY


Item Value
Color Transparent
Size 6cm x 8cm x 3cm (2.36in x 3.48in x 1.18in)
Material acrylic housing

Switch Color & Characteristics

Switch Color Characteristics
Cherry MX Red Soft Linear 45cN - Smooth, no tactile bump
Cherry MX Black Firm Linear 60cN - Smooth, no tactile bump
Cherry MX Blue Tactile & Clicky 50cN
Cherry MX Brown Soft Tactile 45cN - Softer & lighter tactile bump, no click
Cherry MX Green Firm tactile & Clicky 80cN
Cherry MX Gray (black) Tactile 80cN - Firm tactile bump, no click
Cherry MX Gray (brown) Firm Linear 60cN - Tactile bump, no click
Cherry MX Clear Tactile 55cN - Tactile bump, no click
Cherry MX White Tactile & Clicky 65cN - Tactile and lighter click switch
Silent Red Soft Linear 45cN - Smooth & Silent
Silent Black Firm Linear 60cN - Smooth & Silent
Speed Silver Soft Linear 45cN - Smooth, no tactile bump, 3.4 mm total travel distance only

Shaft Changing

Notes: When inserting a new switch, please be sure to align the pin position, when it cannot be easily inserted, do not press it to prevent the pin from breaking

Plugged shaft

Cherry keyboard shaft change11.jpg

Soldered shaft

Cherry keyboard shaft change2.jpg