6-36V Inductive Proximity Sensors Proximity Switches

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The inductive proximity switch probe sensor can detect metal objects by non-contact detection. It has self-protection, such as power supply connection error protection, surge absorption protection, load short circuit protection. The distance of detection is influenced by the voltage, the influence level is about ±10% when the voltage the range of power is ±10 of rated voltage.
It can be used on automatic door, machine tool, aerospace and garage.


  • It will be damaged when the power supply voltage exceeds 15% of the rated voltage.
  • It has self-protection.


  • Detection distance: 2mm
  • Lag distance: 10% or less of detection distance
  • Output current: 400A
  • Working voltage: 12-24V (DC) / 110V-250V (AC)
  • Current consumption: less than 13 mA (NPN and PNP)
  • Output current: within 300mA (DC) / within 400mA (AC)
  • Insulation resistance: more than 50 MΩ
  • Maximum voltage: 1000V 50/60 HZ (AC)
  • Metal parts: brass
  • Design framework: IP67 (IEC specification)

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