2022 IF Design Award Winner

Major Headaches

More and more people are emphasizing the necessity of global environmental protection while ignoring the plants right in front of them. Scientific studies have shown that being in a plant-rich environment can increase creativity and productivity, but keeping plants healthy and beautiful is tough because most plants require a consistent routine of maintenance and watering to thrive.

GrowCube - The One Solution That Cures All Headaches

  • Reliable soil moisture sensor

  • APP control

  • 4 Channels

  • 1.5L Large capacity water tank

  • External water inlet design

  • Original nozzle design

  • Device Self-protection

  • Three watering modes

GrowCube Design Story


During a vacation about ten years ago, I went out for 7 days and had fun while something unfortunate happened. All of my plants at home died due to lack of water …

I used my expertise and talents as a plant enthusiast and maker to create a DIY gadget that could automatically irrigate flowers using Arduino. I shared it on Instructables, a website where people can share their DIY projects. Surprisingly, it went viral and garnered a lot of attention and appreciation. The community's desire for plant self watering system inspired and encouraged me significantly.

- Elecrow Founder Richard

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However, the DIY gadget could only serve few people because it demands some hands-on experience. Therefore, with the advice of many users, we integrated this DIY project into an All-in-One Kit in 2015, which also received a lot of praise and feedback after its launch.

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When we realized the limitation that this kit is mostly useful to plant-growing enthusiasts who are familiar with Arduino programming, we came up with the idea to make this kit into a consumer product. Our team started in 2017, from botanical research, combined with software and hardware design, and finally realized the idea, that is GrowCube

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How It Works - 3 Watering Modes

  • 1
    • Smart Watering Mode

    For different plant species, smart watering is performed accordingto real-time monitoring of soil moisture data.

  • 2
    • Auto Watering Mode

    Auto watering by user setting water interval and water duration

  • 3
    • Manual Watering Mode

    Manual start watering, manual stop watering

The Charm Behind GrowCube

  • Easy Assembly for a Quick Start

    Complete the full assembly and use of GrowCube in only 1 minute.

  • Meet Multi-scene Watering Need

    GrowCube adopts the current popular minimalist design style, silent water pump, and multiple shock absorption design details to make the device operation in a silent, simple and fashionable manner can meet the decoration and watering needs of offices, homes and other places.

  • APP control

    No hardware can ever be really smart without its app. The app designed for GrowCube can control each plant and each device, making the whole planting process easier and more fun.

  • 3000+ Plants Data

    The GrowCube APP provides a massive plant database entry, containing a total of 3000+ common plants. Select the plant you are planting on the APP, and then let GrowCube take over your plant and officially start the smart watering plan dedicated to the plant - it is that simple!

  • Keep Illustrating Soil Moisture Curve

    The APP will record every change in soil moisture data, and draw it into humidity curves according to different time dimensions, which can be backtracked at any time.

  • Dedicated Plant Diary

    You can keep diaries of your beloved plants' growth process on GrowCube APP. After defining the plants'nicknames, you can upload photos of the plants at different stages, and express your feelings about planting. Then you will find that they grow fast, gaining a full sense of achievement.