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PCB prototyping, started at 4.9

6/15/2017 10:18 AM

I'm pleased to announce that we're lowering the price on 5pcs 2 layer PCB.

The new price can be as low as $4.9 for 5 pieces nomal PCB within 10*10cm. The quality and after sales will be as good as before.

We make no profit on this item. >>

0 Comment | Posted By David David

Are you Raspberry Pi fan or Arduino fan? Maybe both.

If you're interested in DIY electronics, here is a kit you can't miss.- Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

It's a pretty good choice to bring you into electronics and learn how to use Raspberry Pi and Arduino at the same time.

There are and 24 lessons for Raspberry Pi and 30 lessons for Arduino.

Even you>>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

SIM808 shield is one of the hottest products in our site. There’re 15 pieces SIM808 GPRS/GSM + GPS + Bluetooth shield failed to update Bluetooth. If you don’t care the old version Bluetooth, you can buy this shield with lower price.


>>> >>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

Here comes the International Labor Day, Elecrow will take a holiday from April 29th to May 1st.(GMT +8)

If you have urgent PCB prototyping orders, you could place the PCB fabrication orders before April 29th. We will deal with the custom PCB order >>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

There're serveral software suite for electronic design automation(EDA).These software suite
facilitate the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their convension to PCB
designs. You can edit circuit on the these software and generate gerber files which can be
printed by PCB manufacturer.

The most common EDA software are Eagl>>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

Elecrow launched purple PCB fabrication  at the end of February. Several customers firstly placed purple PCB order at our site. We really appreciated the first batch customers who tried our purple PCB servic>>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

With the constant development, Elecrow moved to a bigger and more beautiful workplace once again. In the past years, Elecrow grew fast, more and more>>

0 Comment | Posted By Jarvan

While we were processing custom PCB orders, we found some common PCB design mistakes>>

1 Comment | Posted By Jarvan