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There're serveral software suite for electronic design automation(EDA).These software suite
facilitate the design of schematics for electronic circuits and their convension to PCB
designs. You can edit circuit on the these software and generate gerber files which can be
printed by PCB manufacturer.

The most common EDA software are Eagl>>

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Elecrow launched purple PCB fabrication  at the end of February. Several customers firstly placed purple PCB order at our site. We really appreciated the first batch customers who tried our purple PCB servic>>

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Elecrow Sponsorship Project encourage makers to fulfill their ideas, and we can help to carry out the project effectively. As our slogan said, Elecrow on-line Store, Make Your Making Easier. We provide free items for makers, electronic engineers and hobbyists to process non-profit activity . You buy at our store firstly, and then you record the project in the blog or video, send us the link o>>
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