Raspberry Pi can support four different display interfaces: HDMI, DPI, DSI, DBI. And Raspberry Pi screen has been very popular to assemble a Raspberry Pi computer. Most of Raspberry Pi monitor were installed with touchscreen, called Raspberry Pi touchscreen Display. Maybe you don’t how to choose a suitable LCD monitor for Raspberry Pi. No worry, Elecrow developed several Raspberry Pi screen with different size and interface.

I’ll introduce you four kinds of Raspberry Pi screen.

#1 3.5 inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display

This is the smallest LCK Raspberry Pi screen. It’s adapt for Raspbian system. The LCD interface is SPI. The touchscreen type is resistive. And the resolution is 480*320. It will be perfect to install the 3.5 inch Raspberry Pi screen together with Raspberry Pi 3 in a transparent acrylic case.


#2 HDMI 5 inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor

This is the bestseller on Elecrow Amazon store. This 5 inch TFT Display with Touch Screen is a mini panel-mountable HDMI monitor. So small and simple, Although the 800x480 common HDMI display is made for Raspberry Pi B+/2B/3B. but you can use this display with any computer that has HDMI output, and the shape makes it easy to attach to a electronic product.


#3 7 inch HDMI LCD Touch Screen Display for Raspberry Pi

7inch HDMI LCD(C) supports various systems like Raspberry Pi,Banana Pi,Banana Pro,BB Black to provide Lubuntuļ¼ŒRaspbian with and Angstrom images with high resolution of 1024×600 and capacitive Touch Screen. Besides it upgrades to IPS screen with larger visible angle and more clear display effect. Broadly you can apply it to raspberry pi, HDMI display screen and other mini PC or even computer display.


#4 10.1 inch IPS HDMI LCD Monitor for Raspberry Pi

This is the latest 10.1-inch screen for raspberry pi, under normal circumstances we used to match the raspberry pi, of course, it is compatible with many occasions due to its HDMI interface. Its IPS screen has 1280 * 800 high resolution, and this is a capacitive screen, which means high sensitivity, supports up to ten-points touch, when it works with raspberry pi, it is not required to driver support, and compatible with many systems, including win10/8/7.