Last weekends, our company organized a double weekend tour in the GuangDong HeYuan. During the journey, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Secondly we had a tug of war competition, each two teams PK respectively. In this competition, each participating team works together to compete .

Thirdly we transferred water with mouth bit a cup. In this game the team members stand into a vertical, convey water with mouth bite the cup, one by one, the last man put the cup of water in a bucket. Besides this, we had campfire in the evening, meanwhile we celebrated the birthday to who were born in the June.

The second day we went to visit the Jinghuayuan in the morning, which is a place full of Hakka culture in Heyuan . Then some of us went to join in the flying person game with strop. In the afternoon we went rafting, two people in a kayak, it’s exciting and fun. I'm very grateful for the tour organized by the company, it makes us more familiar.