While we were processing custom PCB orders, we found some common PCB design mistakes we may made in placing PCB orders. And I concluded these PCB design rules to help you get to know and avoid. This will save you time and energy.

Here are the common mistakes we may made in PCB design.

1. Lack of files for 2 layer PCB

- Lack of drill file

- No outline (GKO or GML)

- No solder mask layers (GBS and GTS)

These are the general situation in the 2 layer PCB. In actual production, customers send files often lack drill file (NC data), outline (GKO or GML) and solder mask layers (GTS and GBS), which are the causes of the production cannot be carried out. No matter what PCB design software, please remember to export complete gerber files for PCB muanufaturing.

 2. 1-layer PCB solder mask mis-understanding problem

Compared with 2 layer PCB, 1-layer board only has the Bottom layer (GBL) or top layer (GTL). The solder mask can be covered on both-sided layer or only one-sided layer.

So there will be some possible misunderstanding which is the PCB engineer don't know whether solder mask colors covered on both side or not.

To avoid delay, we added these two solder mask options for 1 layer PCBs on the PCB order page.

 3. Forgot to upload the gerber file

If you find that you forgot to upload the gerber file when place the order, you can send the update gerber file to pcb@elecrow.com with Elecrow order number.


Visit Elecrow Wiki Page for more PCB design guidelines.