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Aluminum PCB(MC PCB, AL substrate)

Model : SPP07227P

Initial Weight : 0.00g


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Elecrow is devoted to provide Aluminum substrate, if you are looking for an Aluminum substrate, our engineer can meet your requirement. Aluminum substrate is a kind of copper-clad circuit board based on metal substrate, with good thermal conductivity. A thin layer of thermally conductive but electrically insulating dielectric is laminated between a metal base and a copper foil. The copper foil is etched into the desired circuit pattern and the metal base draws heat away from this circuit through the thin dielectric. The structure of Aluminum substrate is
We have two Circuit Configurations:
1. Single-Sided The single-sided aluminum pcb can be used with surface mount and chip & wire components.
2. Double-Sided This structure need more technology and experience on laminating of two layers together with metal core.
It can be used on the following areas: 1. Audio equipment: input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier, etc. 2. Power equipment, switching regulator, DC/AC converter, SW regulator, etc. 3. Communication electronic equipment: high frequency increaser, filtering appliances, transmitting circuit. 4. Office automation equipment, motor drives, etc. 5. Automobile electronic regulator, ignition, power controller, etc. 6. Computer: CPU, a diskette drive, power supply units, etc. 7. Power module, inverter, solid relay, rectifier bridge, etc.The initiate price of Aluminum PCB can be as low as $67.87 per design for prototyping within 0.2m2, the lead time can be as short as one week.


  • Heat dissipation is dramatically superior to standard FR-4 constructions.
  • The dielectrics used are typically 5 to 10 times as thermally conductive as conventional epoxy-glass and a tenth of the thickness.
  • Thermal transfer exponentially more efficient than a conventional rigid PCB.
  • Lower copper weights than suggested by the IPC heat-rise charts can be used.


  • Thickness: 1.0-2.0 mm.
  • Min Track/Spacing: >=5 mil.
  • Layers:1-2-4
  • Min hole:>=0.5 mm.
  • Surface finish: HASL, ENIG, OSP.
  • Solder mask color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black, White.
  • Finish Copper: 1oz, 2oz.

Package list

  • Aluminum PCB x 1

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