Playing Raspberry Pi Magic Minecraft Blocks without CrowPi

Not all of us we’re able to buy or get CrowPi for our own, In Elecrow, we care about all our customers so we crafted a special tutorial on how to use Minecraft magic blocks with NFC chips without CrowPi!

Play minecraft with Raspberry Pi 3

Follow this instructions step by step on your fresh new raspberry pi image in order to get the RFID working on your raspberry pi with RC-522 module and be able to play using RFID Module and the NFC chips! clone and install the RC-522 driver from the Drivers/RFID/ directory using the command “python install”
After installing the driver, make sure to connect the RFID module properly to your raspberry pi:

Check the following pins information and connect it by the by the BCM (physical pins) names, make sure you connect everything properly else the project might not work!

NFC Minecraft Project cable connection

SDA => PIN24 (CE0)
IRQ => PIN18 (GPIO24)
3.3V => PIN1 (3.3v)
RST => PIN39 (GND)

Image result for raspberry pi 3 GPIo

After you successfully connected and installed the driver it’s time to test it!

From inside of the CrowPi folder, run the following command: “sudo python” now try to touch using one of the NFC tags on top of the RC-522 module, it should be able to read it!

If everything is fine, you can now follow the Minecraft tutorial and lessons and all the functionalities now will work for you exactly as they work on the CrowPi!


Here are the links you may need

Buy the RFID Reader and card


Buy Raspberry Pi monitor


Buy Raspberry Pi adpter


Buy Raspberry Pi 3 model B+


Download all the Minecraft lessons with Raspberry Pi


Find the Minecraft blocks paper folder

>> block paper folder

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