SIM808 Realize Your IoT Project for Free

Elecrow Sponsorship Project encourage makers to fulfill their ideas, and we can help to carry out the project effectively. As our slogan said, Elecrow on-line Store, Make Your Making Easier. 

We provide free items for makers, electronic engineers and hobbyists to process non-profit activity . You buy at our store firstly, and then you record the project in the blog  or video, send us the link of the content, we will check and refund.

The free item I would like to recommend today is SIM808 GPRS/GSM+GPS+Bluetooth Shield . This is one of hottest products on our site. Except for popular ESP8266, SIM808 can be also used in IoT projects. One of Elecrow engineer did a remote control project based on SIM900, the old version of SIM808. The Remote Control Via GPRS/GSM tutorial is completely recorded on Elecrow instructables channel.

SIM808 IoT Solution Board

We’re excited to see what you will create with SIM808.                                                                            (Send the link of your project to to get a refund)


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