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This is a Micro HDMI-compatible adapter with Crowpi2, the function is to transmit audio and video signals through this HDMI-compatible, and use it to connect Raspberry Pi 4B and Crowpi2.

Note: Not includes the cable, but the connection between Raspberry Pi 4B and Crowpi2 needs to be used with a cable, the connection diagram of the adapter and cable is as follows.



Use the steps shown below
Step 1:  Connect the adapter board and the cable.

Step 2:  Connect the other end of the cable to the Crowpi2 Raspberry Pi bin's cable terminal.



Step 3:  Insert the Raspberry Pi 4B into the Raspberry Pi compartment and connect the Micro HDMI-compatible adapter.



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  • CrowPi2-HD-D-V1.0 *1

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