TCS3200 Colour Sensor Module

TCS3200 Colour Sensor Module

0-40kPa Gas Pressure Sensor

0-40kPa Gas Pressure Sensor

Digital Display Thermometer(DS18B20)

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This is a digital display thermometer which use with DS18B20. It has a Panel table that can display the temperature information. Internal use of the latest type of A / D conversion chip and high-stable reference IC, extensive use of SMD components, circuit design and reasonable. It can be used to measure voltage, current, but also external sensors to measure temperature, pressure, displacement, and other physical quantities. Suitable for a variety of digital instrument display purposes. It has good stability, high measurement accuracy, anti-jamming capability. Overall standard size, easy installation.


  • Operating voltage: AC / DC 8-24V .
  • Display methods: 0.56 Red LED
  • Dimensions: 79 x 43 x25 mm
  • Installation hole: 76 × 39 mm
  • Display refresh rate: ≥3 times / S
  • Temperature measurement range: -55 ℃ - +125 ℃
  • Display resolution: 0.1
  • Measurement accuracy: + - 0.5 ℃
  • Probe fault display "----"
  • Temperature sensor: DS18B20


  • Compatible with raspberry pi zero
  • The reverse power protection

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