Elecrow Dropshipping service is available for all the products on our website and the electronic products or samples on your store. The cool thing to have Elecrow be your dropshipping supplier is, we take over all the risks and responsibilities of products manufacturing, inventory, packaging and shipping, so you could free up your time and efforts to focus on what you really like or care such as finance, product R&D, marketing or customer relationship.



How does Dropshipping work at Elecrow?

1.Customers place order on your website or store and pay you for the order.

2.You forward the order to us or place the same order on Elecrow website.

3.Elecrow processes your order and ship the product directly to your customer on behalf of you(without letting the customer knowing it’s from Elecrow).




Who can use our Dropshipping service?

1.Retailers with an online store selling PCB or electronics parts;

2.Anyone who is selling electronic products or product ideas on the third-party online shopping platforms like Kickstarter, e-bay, tindie.



Why to choose our dropshipping service?

1.Provide one-stop solution to hardware projects from product design, manufacturing to shipping;

2.Thousands of products for option;

3.Powerful electronic products development capacity, you could see our new arrival next second;

4.Backed by a specialized team and advanced warehouse and logistics management system, your requests and orders are the first-to-do anytime;

5.Help you develop global market without taking the risk of inventory;



How do we charge for Dropshipping?

We make a charge for each Dropshipping order as per the weight of requested products, shipping method, delivery address and other factors that will be listed to you before payment. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us at service@elecrow.com.