GM328A Transistor Tester

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GM328A transistor tester is a crystal transistor tester to automatically detect NPN,PNP,Bipolar transistor,N Channel and P Channel MOS Field effect tube, junction type field effect transistor, diode, double diode, small power single direction thyristor and bidirectional thyristor. Besides it could finish automatic identification of the components of the pin and measurement of current amplification factor and base of bipolar transistor-Emitter threshold voltage.Moreover it can pass the base-The threshold voltage of the emitter and High Current Darlington transistor amplification factor identification. In addition to the lock seat and the table is attached to the test side, but also with a test hook test, and has been equipped with a good test line, the user only required to bring the test hook or alligator clip and do the appropriate welding.
For this GM328A transistor tester, Bipolar transistor can be detected and MOS Tube protection diode to measure MOS Gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the field effect transistor. Furthermore it can simultaneously measure two resistance and the resistance symbol display including the single diode reverse capacitance. If the base and collector or emitter of a bipolar transistor is connected to a pin, the reverse capacitance of the collector junction or the emitter junction can also be measured. Only a single measurement can be obtained from the connection mode of the rectifier bridge. Certainly two diodes can be displayed in the right order and the diode symbol, while the forward voltage of the diode is given.
  • extended function
  • 1 can produce 1Hz-2MHz square wave signal.
    2 can produce a fixed frequency but the pulse width of the pulse wave, a short press key width of 1% increments, the longer the key press 10%.
    3 can be started by the menu of the capacitor and the ESR function, the range of 2UuF-50mF, because the measurement signal amplitude is only 300mV, so it can be measured in the road. (Translation: because 4 line measurement, measurement of wire resistance may cause big error, especially small ESR measurement).


    • Use 8MH Crystal
    • Use 2015 V1.12Edition software
    • One key operation, automatic shutdown
    • Shutdown current is only about 20nA
    • Automatic identification of the components of the pin
    • Use 12864Dot matrix LCD screen, display more abundant in content, with pictures
    • Use 9V stack battery power supply
    • Phase of impact Off resistance using 1/1000 film resistors, and the rest are also used in the one percent film resistor
    • Standard 6 wire program download interface


    • Dimensions: 72(wide)X 75(high)X20 (deep)mm
    • Weight: 85g host (not including battery)
    • Working current: 9V Voltage, stable working current20mA 

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