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  1. $74.10
    The crowtail starter kit for micro:bit can make you do a lot of interesting things and brings endless possibilities to your micro:bit. The core board in this kit is Crowtail- Base shield for micro:bit, with which you can use plenty of crowtail sensors.
  2. $65.00
    If you have been wanting to dive into the world of raspberry pi but didn’t know where to start, this kit will certainly get your feet wet. It has lots of crowtail sensors and some necessary modules like leds and motor, even a 3.5 inch display. All of them are working for your raspberry pi iot projects.
  3. $49.90
    When we want to get up early every morning to understand the weather conditions outside, or we want to DIY a weather station. What is more we want to be able to build a smart home product of the initial model, this ESP8266 IOT Weather Station Kit is based on esp8266 wifi function to achieve remote data transmission products
  4. $68.50
    We guess that most of our users can build simple project skilled with our crowtail- starter kit. It time to show you more wonderful things in Arduino world! This useful kit for customers to build more practical projects with Arduino called Crowtail- Advanced Kit. It consists of a base shield, a crowduino and various practical modules with standardized connectors.