45% OFF! Laser module for Carving DIY- Focus Adjustable

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Laser module for Carving DIY- Focus Adjustable
This is a Laser module, It has many uses, such as model sculpture, inspection notes, etc. Just power it with three batteries, and you can adjust the focal length as you like. Do not underestimate it, it can ignite a piece of paper. We add a colored safety lens for customers. It will protect your eyes and it looks cool too. Users must read:
  • 1. The laser power is larger, prohibit exposure to the eyes (including the cute little animals)
  • 2. It is prohibited in flammable objects and places to use gas to prevent fires and explosions.
  • 3. Non-children's toys, to forbid children to play.
  • 4. Do not open the module to avoid damage it.
  • 5. Need extra heat sink to keep long time work.
  • Specifications

    • Shell material: Copper (nickel-plated)
    • Wavelength: 405nm (blue-violet)
    • Voltage: 3 ~ 5VDC (use the phone battery or three batteries) Built thirty-five electronic special boost constant current driver board
    • Operating Current: <450mA
    • Output power: 100mW (full power)
    • Diameter: 12mm
    • Length: 45mm
    • Connection: 2.1 DC plug (with IOUs line is negative, outlet center positive)

    Package list

    • laser pen x 1
    • Battery holder x 1
    • Colored safety lens x 1

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