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Motion control sensor is an original that can be changed non electrical into the power. According to the different conversion of non electrical can be divided into vibration sensor, accelerometer sensor and motion sensor etc.

  1. $16.90
    This Rocker Potentiometer is a two-dimensional,tight PTZ controller which could do self reset left and right up and down for videos and photography.
  2. $5.90
    The MPU-6050 is a serious little piece of motion processing tech! By combining a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor(DMP) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms, the MPU-6050 does away with the cross-axis alignment problems that can creep up on discrete parts.
  3. $1.00
    This mini doppler radar sensor module is equipped with supporting DC 4-28V wide voltage This is a mini radar motion sensor module is equipped with RCWL-9196 chip based on the doppler microwave induction technology