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nRF52832-MDK V1.0

Model : WIR01528M

Initial Weight : 15.00g

$13.98 $27.95

Availability: Out of stock

The nRF52832-MDK is a fully open-source, versatile single board development kit for Bluetooth® low energy, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary applications using the   nRF52832SoC. The kit gives access to 24 I/Os and interfaces via headers and has a RGB LED which is user-programmable. It also has a 2.4GHz chip antenna onboard which is quite convenient to develop IoT wireless applications. You could know more on this wiki page.

It supports the Nordic official SDK using GCC, Keil and IAR. Program/Debug options on the kit is DAPLink. It can also be used to play with multi-frameworks such as: nRF5 SDK, nRF5 SDK for Mesh, Mbed OS 5, Zephyr, Mynewt etc.



  • Debugger on-board, nRF52832-MDK integrates multi-function debugger DAPLink.
  • Compatibility, support nRF5 SDK, mbed OS 5, Zephyr, JerryScript, Espruino, Web Bluetooth, Eddystone, Physical Web, etc.
  • Cross-platform toolchain, support Windows/macOS/Linux.

Hardware Specifications

  • nRF52832-MDK provides the following hardware features:
  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
  • ARM® Cortex™-M4F
  • 512kB Flash Memory + 64kB RAM
  • Bluetooth low energy, ANT and 2.4GHz
  • NFC™-A tag
  • Program/Debug options with DAPLink
  • MSC - drag-n-drop programming flash memory
  • CDC - virtual com port for log, trace and terminal emulation
  • HID - CMSIS-DAP compliant debug channel
  • Up to 24 GPIOs at headers
  • Reset Button
  • 2.4GHz chip antenna
  • 3.3V regulator with 1A peak current output
  • VBUS & VIN Power-Path Management
  • Breadboard-friendly
  • Measures 1.89" x 0.7" x 0.51" (48mm x 18mm x 13mm) with headers soldered in

Package list

  • nRF52832-MDK V1.0 x 1

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